What We Do

How We Create Value

FloCEP is focused on boosting productivity in the hydrometallurgy, oil and gas and mineral processing industries, by applying our technology to solve processing inefficiencies. The unequal distribution of mineral grains in feed to various plant components such as cyclones, gravity circuits, screens and filters has been a common, yet overlooked phenomena for decades that costs industry.

Our research and development team spent several years investigating mineral processing operations and the wider and deeper we looked, the more inefficiency we discovered. Cyclones were unequally fed, with resultant classification ineffectiveness. Some filters, shakers, spirals, regrind mills etc were less or more solids-loaded than others, causing processing inefficiencies and higher maintenance. Overall, production losses and higher maintenance costs appeared to have a common culprit – unequal distribution of mineral solids in split streams.

Where cyclones are used in comminution classification, ineffective cyclone operation allows unacceptable circulating loads of fines back to the ball mill and oversized to the float or gold-CIP. The metallurgical impact of this translates to lost recovery, reduced throughput and loss of grade.

FloCEP have developed retrofits to equipment feed systems to remedy these unequal solids distribution problems, restore plant efficiencies and reduce maintenance costs. Customers are seeing breakthrough benefits in throughput and improved cyclone classification resulting in recovery increases through improved mill throughput and/or reduction of oversize ‘leakage’ downstream. Accordingly, FloCEP retrofits are delivering astounding returns on investment in FloCEP products.

Our technology can be applied to all mineral processing industries including Gold, Bauxite, Copper, Coal, Cobalt, Diamonds, Iron Ore, Lithium, Manganese, Magnesium, Molybdenum, Nickel, Platinum, Rare Earths, Silver, Salt, Tantalum, Titanium, Uranium and Zinc. In addition, we work with the oil & gas industries including technology and flow modelling for sub-sea conditions.


The workhorse of the retrofit systems – creates equal solids distribution inside the bulk flow ahead of that stream being split.


Delivers equal solids load reporting to various plant components such as cyclones and various process feed header systems.


Allows the most intimate contact between carried solids in a slurry and an injected chemical such as floculant, flotation collector, biocides etc.


The first-ever ‘cause-focused’ remedy to bend wear.  This is not a ‘barrier’ or a change in metallurgy approach.  MAXBEND reduces the collisions per unit area of the mineral grains on the bend internal wall, allowing previously unheard-of bend life improvements.