Valves & Strainers

Why assess your valves and strainers?

Valves and strainers often suffer from the slurry mass in the stream concentrating in one area of the pipe. The mass flowing in the pipe has the force of gravity, turbulence of the pipe fixtures, settling velocity profiles and settling frequencies all giving an effect to the greater % of mass position. This concentrated impact of particles in one area creates wear zones therefore reducing the service life of the inline device.

How can FloCEP help?

By installing a FLOprep™ inline prior to the inline device, it spreads the mass over the area of the pipe flow whilst it passes through the device before gravity takes over again.

FLOprep™ is best applied where the scenario cannot be engineered out. However, in many cases other options are not available. Our engineers can conduct a full assessment or provide flow modelling to recommend the right product and or changes for your plant.


The workhorse of the retrofit systems – creates equal solids distribution inside the bulk flow ahead of that stream being split.


Delivers equal solids load reporting to various plant components such as cyclones and various process feed header systems.


Allows the most intimate contact between carried solids in a slurry and an injected chemical such as floculant, flotation collector, biocides etc.


The first-ever ‘cause-focused’ remedy to bend wear.  This is not a ‘barrier’ or a change in metallurgy approach.  MAXBEND reduces the collisions per unit area of the mineral grains on the bend internal wall, allowing previously unheard-of bend life improvements.