Flow Distributor Applications

FloCEP Distribution technology can be integrated into almost any mineral processing plant situation where a single stream is split to multiple streams, and has a proven track record of outperforming its peers in both two phase and three phase flows.

Common plant distributors such as hydrocyclone distributors, screen distributors and spiral distributors can be easily retrofitted with a FloCEP system. The FloCEP system is designed to split the mass flow evenly with the liquid phase flow therefore achieving the objective of a balanced mass flow split.

Flow distributor applications our technology can be applied to within mineral processing operations for multi-unit processing equipment include, but are not limited to; thickeners, belt filter feed, filters, float feed, DSM’s, mill feed, FCC’s, cyclone feed, Knelson Concentrator feed, spirals, vibrating screens, Derrick screens, flash float feed and flow stream spitting.

Our engineers can conduct a full assessment to recommend the right product and or changes for your mineral processing plant.


Belt Filter Feed


Float Feed


Mill feed


Cyclone Feed

Knelson Concentrator Feed


Vibrating Screens

Derrick Screens

Flash Float Feed

Flow Stream Spitting